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Biota şi interdependenţa ei cu proprietăţile fizice a cernoziomurilor tipice în diferite condiţii de folosinţă agricolă
The researches of monitoring were carried out and biota’s state of typical chernozem from Balti steppe was appreciated in dependence on land management practices (long–term arable land and fallow). The close correlation between microbiological indices, soil structure and the humus content is revealed. The strong positive correlation between microbial biomass and agronomic valuable aggregates is established. The effect of interaction intensified from the arable land to the fallow and it was especially significant in the 0–25 cm layer.

Cercetări privind modelarea procesului de solificare (acumularea materiei organice)
This paper represents the theoretical results of optimization and prognosis for soil humification potential. The investigations are carrying out in lizimeters, where the soil processes are modelling.It has been established the satisfactory similarity between the results obtaining using the model and those measurement in the experience field.

Aspecte hidrochimice ale apelor freatice din aria complexului istorico-natural orheiul vechi
The historical-natural complex Orheiul Vechi represents one of the most important historical and cultural objects, which has a considerable tourist potential. If the historical – cultural component, specific of the relief and the geological structure is relatively well known, is not practical information about groundwater water quality, which represents unique water supply source. Groundwater waters of common Trebujeni, Orhei district, were investigated in the summer and autumn of 2007. The obtained results show a satisfactory quality of ground waters, but in 33% of cases the content of nitrates exceed a few maximum admissible concentration.

Elaborarea procedeelor energoeconomice şi ecotehnologice de cultivare a ciupercii pleurotus ostreatus (JACQ.: FR.) KUMM. II. cultivarea ciupercii de păstrăv pe substraturile obţinute în baza plantelor aromatice şi medicinale(etero-oleaginoase).
As a result of the research, it was revealed that the perfume substrates as plant residues from agriculture could be used in the technologies of cultivation of oyster mushroom. The purpose of this work consists in the investigation of processing of raw materials from branch of perfume industry, reducing the duration and increasing the strain cultivation efficiency of P. ostreatus CNMN-FB-02. In our experiences the nutritive substrate contained 98% part of Lavandula and 2% part of CaSO4 were inoculated with strain culture of P. ostreatus CNMN-FB-02. The technical results consist in reducing on 7-11 days the duration of cultivation cycle and increasing on 10% the fruit body production.Dynamic of amino acids composition, essential amino acids (EAA) and nutritive indexes of fruit bodies of oyster mushroom are estimated. The abilities of oyster mushroom to grow on the plant residues from branch of perfume industry and to demonstrate possibilities of obtaining different fungal products can be used as energoeconomical and ecotechnological methods of processing of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Studiul căilor de reglare a biosintezei polizaharidelor la cianobacteria Nostoc linckia (Roth) Born et Flah CNM-CB-03
The influence of 19 coordinating compounds of Zn(II), Mn(II), Fe(III), Mo(VI), Cr(III)and Ni(II) on endo- and exopolysaccharides biosynthesis in Nostoc linckia (Roth) Born et Flah CNM-CB-03 have been studied. The most effective stimulators of these remedies became the Mn(II) coordinating compounds with halogenoacetates.

Studiul influenţei dioximaţilor cobaltului (III), ce conţin fluor, asupra procesului de enzimogeneză la tulpina de fungi Aspergillus niger 33-19 CNMN FD 02A – producătoare de amilaze
The influence of four new coordinative compounds of the Co (III) with dioxime which contain fluorine anions in extern on the biosynthesis of amylases by fungal strain Aspergillus niger 33-19 CNMN FD 02A was studied. The activity of both amylases – ordinary and acid stable are modified more by [Co (DH)2(Anil)2] 2[TiF6] (IV) complex, which contains in composition of fluorine anion the titan (Ti) metal. The stimulator effect consists 27.8% and 23.7% respectively. The amylases activity in this variant remains higher than the control in the whole period of cultivation a fact which confirms that this complex not only stimulates the development of the microorganism but also increases enzymatic biosynthesis.

Elaborarea procedeelor energoeconomice şi ecotehnologice de cultivare a ciupercii pleurotus ostreatus (JACQ.: FR.) KUMM. I. cultivarea ciupercii de păstrăv pe substraturile obţinute în baza fermentării lactice.
The goal of the present work was to study the biological properties of growth and possibilities of obtaining fruit bodies of oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.: Fr) Kumm. used alternative and energoeconomical methods of substrate preparation. There are reported the results of our investigations to apply microbiological energoeconomical method of preventive substrate preparation (toward termic one), base on lactic fermentation. Biological efficiency of mushroom Pleurotus ostreatusH-7 growing on silage substrate is 55,3- 69,8% after 2-3 waives of fructification. Dynamic of amino acids composition, essential amino acids (EAA) and nutritive indexes of fruit bodies of oyster mushroom are estimated. The obtained results show the dependence of total amino acids compounds in fruit bodies of P. ostreatus on nitrogen compounds containing in nutritive silage substrate.

Productivitatea şi componenţa biochimică a microalgei verzi Dunaliella salina la cultivare pe medii minerale şi organo-minerale
The data of productivity and biochemical comparative properties of microalgae Dunaliella salina cultivated on the mineral medium Ben-Amotz and on the medium on the base of the cultural liquid from Spirulina platensis produced are presented. This method of Dunaliella salina cultivation has not only an obviously ecological, but so an economical aspect, which is recommended to be promoted in order to rational using of resources.

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