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Причины преждевременной общебиологической деградации человека, пути её предупреждения и решения проблемы здоровья с позиции санокреатологии
The plenary report deals with the analysis of the regularities of formation and homeostatization of the health phenomenon components in the process of phylogenesis and ontogenesis, the factors influencing the morphofunctional evolution of Homo sapiens, the causes of the high population morbidity level and the precocious general biological degradation of the modern society raising the problem of human evolution direction control and the shift of the nosological paradigm of health protection to the reproduction of healthy descendants and the maintenance of every person’s health at the level of the global issues the modern society is facing. The authors have shown proofs in favor of the solution of the crucial health problem and the precocious general biological degradation for account of sanocreatology by means of purposeful formation and maintenance of human health beginning from gamete formation and embryonic development to the last ontogenetic stages. Ecological-social conditionality of human ontogenesis is one of these proofs.

Предпосылки и основые положения санокреатологической теории питания человека
We have elaborated a sanocreatological nutrition theory based on not only the principles and practices of regulation of the existent alimentation theories but also on the new sanocreatology axiomatic that orients the nutrition towards the purposeful formation and the maintenance of the organism health.

Кровососущие комары (Diptera Culicidae) республики Молдова эколого-фаунистический обзор и эпидемиологическое значение
Ecologic and faunistic analyses have been used to evaluate the three-year data of the mosquito larvae and adult surveillance in the Republic of Moldova. Specimens were collected in forest-steppe and steppe zones including five different landscape climate areas in 2008-2010. Thirty mosquito species (3,084 adults and 2,173 larvae) from seven genera (Anopheles, Aedes, Ochlerotatus, Culex, Culiseta, Coquillettidia and Uranotaenia) were collected using dippers and nets for larvae captures and aspirators or test tubes for adult mosquito catches from humans, vegetation, and cattle sheds. Immature and mature mosquito habitats were surveyed. Analysis of dominant species index revealed that the eight most dominant species comprised 89.9% of the total individuals captured. Adult mosquitoes exhibited the highest diversity (2.18) in the “Codrii” Reserve. Single factor variance and regression analyses were used to estimate the relationship between the species abundance and diversity index (p=0.01), indices of aggregation and diversity (p<0.001). The study provides important information on mosquito larval and adult habitat diversity, their average density per square meter of water surface and the numbers collected per hour, which will be useful in guiding mosquito control operations in the Republic of Moldova.

Funcţiile cognitive la copii cu tumori cerebelare în perioada postoperatorie sub influenţa cortexinului şi treningului cognitiv/motor
The article presents the information on the cortexin efficiency in the correction of cognitive disorders in the children with cerebellum tumors (36 patients, among them 19 patients have been administered cortexin and 17 patients have received an usual treatment with no nootropics) in the late postoperative period. All the children participated in cognitive-motor training aimed to improve memory, attention, and psychomotor functions. Different groups of cognitive disorders related to the therapeutic effects of cortexin (cortexin-independent, cortexin-dependent and cortexin-resistant disorders) have been detected. A combination of cortexin and cognitivemotor training significantly improves the efficiency of cognitive neurorehabilitation in the children with lesions of different cerebellum structures.

Evaluarea modificării conţinutului aminoacizilor liberi în plasma spermei taurine în diferite condiţii termice
The bull sperm exposed to long-term stress at low (25°C) and high temperatures (45°C) has been established to show an increase in the functional groups and the pool of free amino acids in plasma. The free amino acids including asparagine, glutamine, γ-amino butyric acid, and ornithine showed increased stress reactivity at hypothermia stress while cysteic acid, glutamic acid, valine, cysteine, methionine, ethanol, isoleucine, lysine, and arginine proved to be stress resistant. The following free amino acids – serine, glutamine, proline, glycine, isoleucine, leucine, γ-amino butyric acid, lysine, and histidine showed increased stress reactivity at hyperthermia stress, and citrulline, α-amino butyric acid, and ornithine demonstrated stress resistance. Of all the free amino acids studied, asparagines, proline, glutamine, glycine, isoleucine, and γ-amino butyric acid manifested increased stress reactivity to both hypo-and hyperthermia stress.

Noi oportunităţi în diagnosticul precoce a disfuncţiilor cronice ale miocardului la copii şi adolescenţi
Biochemical markers for myocardial ischemia have been evaluated in this study for 130 patients, divided in two groups. The first group included 65 patients, having chronic heart failure,and the second group of the biochemical marker control comprised 65 healthy subjects. The investigation performed shows that the patients with chronic heart failure develop hypoxic and ischemic processes that lead to high concentrations of cardiac proteic indicators in blood serum– cardiac troponin I, mioglobin, and cardiac specific serum enzymes – LDH, AST, creatinine kinase MB isoensyme. Implementation of these laboratory tests in the clinical procedures will allow a decrease in the morbidity and mortality related to cardiovascular pathologies in children and adolescents, this being an important part in clinical evaluation and making a diagnosis.

Современное состояние изученности нормобарической гипоксии через призму санокреатологии
This paper is focused on a review of the current idea about the influence of hypoxia on various body functions and the mechanisms ensuring the adaptation to different duration hypoxia. Based on the literature and our own data about the influence of various hypoxia conditions on the human body, the author has concluded that normobaric hypoxia can be used in sanocreatology for an additional specification of regimens and tests to assess the initial functional state of the body.

Характеристика теплового режима в системе «почва-растение атмосфера» при возделывании томатов в открытом грунте
The analysis of the microclimatic changes in the fields under seedlingless tomatoes shows that heat exchange is completed faster in the surface air layer than in soil. A considerable variability of heat expenses for evaporation, depending on the plant development stage, weather conditions, and moisture content has been found in the tomato fields. Heat expenditures for evaporation under irrigated conditions are determined, in general, by the watering rate. Excess irrigation leads to a marked decrease or even changes in the sign of the turbulent flow.

Мембранное пищеварение дисахаридов и дипептидов при хроническом стрессе
The characteristic peculiarities of the dynamics of the membrane digestion of disaccharides(maltose and saccharose as examples) and dipeptides (glycylglycine as an example) and absorption of their hydrolysis products during chronic immobilization stress have been revealed using in vivo and in vitro experiments on male rats. The role of α-adrenoreceptors, dopamine (D2) receptors and Са2 -dependent processes in the intestine cell in membrane digestion changes under chronic stress has been identified.

Senescenţa la plantele expuse secetei-proces natural sau patologic
A relationship between water status, oxidative stress, the activity of antioxidant enzymes and the aging process has been studied in various areas of the leaf blade of Zea mays L. plants, hybrids P458 and H5R515 with different drought resistance potential. The involvement of free radicals and oxidative stress in induction of plant tissue aging and the role of water in the prevention of premature aging processes have been found. The effect is realized through quenching of the reactive oxygen types formed and maintenance of the antioxidant enzyme activity at high levels. Tissue dehydration during drought results in oxidative stress, which, in turn, induces a series of events related to the growth interruption, the damage and loss of cell structure, and the death of plant organs. Tissue dehydration and aging process are accompanied by a significant intensification of lipid peroxidation and malondialdehyde content increase, while the activity of antioxidative enzymes becomes insufficient to neutralize the reactive oxygen types formed. The plant aging process in drought conditions is pathological and develops at a faster rate in comparison with the natural process, that advances at a certain development stage.

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